The Unexplained Videos Of A Man Who Claims He Is In 2027

Narrated by James LaFleur Javier 2027 -Imagine waking up one day to be the only survivor in this world, and finding out your are in 2027...well..this is what supposedly happened with Javier. From unexplained and mysterious videos of Javier ,or unicosobreviviente inside a futuristic car - to Javier going to skyscraper altitudes and seeing absolutely no one around him, no planes no he all alone ? Unbelievable isn't it ? You've probably heard of Time Travel or the idea we are living inside of a simulation, at first these ideas may sound strange and mysterious, however there are many experts that think we may actually discover time travel in a near future - not only that - that we may actually find out that the reality we live in may be a simulation. Of couse these are just ideas for now. But Javier promises to change our way of seeing things with his unexplained videos. Javier is a supposed time traveler living in the year 2027 and to this day , no one can explain it. Is it real ? Is it a glitch in the matrix, Or is it fake ? You'll have to watch this video to know more about the scary stories of Javier in 2027. Mirrored - Impossible Channel

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