FULL SHOW: The Truth About Astroworld And Satanic Human Sacrifice

America is asking what happened at Astroworld as multiple people died, the show went on and satanic images and vibes were happening all night at the show. Owen Shroyer tries to tie it all together and make sense of it. If people can’t wake up to the latest lies and deception from the Democrat media complex, perhaps they never will, as the same people that promoted Critical Race Theory as a good thing are now denying that it ever existed. The one world government plan brought about by Medical Tyranny could not be more obvious as the Biden administration admits the economy will get rougher for average Americans. Owen also addressed the mafia media’s attack on Aaron Rogers over the weekend.

Watch Here: https://www.brighteon.com/880d049e-6371-461f-8190-0f33d3eccef4

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