According to Charlie Ward ALIENS will judge if humans are worthy of NEW QUANTUM FINANCIAL RESET

The chick looks like a deer in the headlights listening to this. I'll believe it, when those aliens take me on a Flying Saucer ride, with Simon Parkes' alien cat women at the helm. Not saying that people like Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes don't occasionally do some good and useful shows for the general public from time to time, but when it comes to this ridiculous "Alien Financial Reset", which is even more ridiculous than "Flat-Earth", Unless they can absolutely prove it without the shadow of a doubt, with solid physical proof, then maybe they should re-evaluate the kind of BS they're pushing. Worse part of Charlie Ward, is that he keeps saying he had numerous death threats, which is all BS; Otherwise, why would he constantly show his step son in his videos all the time, making the minor boy more easily recognizable and definitively putting his life at risk, if it was true? It's all just hot air for pity and attention. As for Simon Parkes, he mostly gets stuck into what seems like a financial racket, when not putting me to sleep with his too calm uninteresting mono tone; At least Charlie makes a show out of it, where Simon just talks like a calm uninteresting robot. Maybe Simon's wife, not the Alien Tiger Lady, should do his show for him, and bring some life, and certainly some charm into the usual boredom; Even a "Mrs Parkes Cooking Show" would be more fun to watch, than what Simon Parkes is pushing these days. Mirrored - RenaudBe

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